Interact With Page

It's easy to interact with page and elements by using Rize.

All the examples below supposed that you have created a Rize instance and navigated to a valid page.

Interact with elements

To interact with elements, you should provide a valid CSS selector which points to the element you want to interact.

Click and hover

For example, we have a page like this:

<button id="submit">

And we can click this button:'#submit')

Sometimes you may want to hover on it instead of clicking on it to see something happened, and you just need to call hover method:


Rize also provides rightClick method and doubleClick method.

Typing some text

Let's suppose we have a page like this:

<input name="character" type="text" />

The way to typing some text on that <input> element is call type method:

rize.type('[name="character"]', 'Rize')

If you call type method again, it won't clear existing text and it will append the new text to element.

rize.type('[name="character"]', ' Tedeza')

// Now the value of that element is "Rize Tedeza".

So you can call clear method to clear the text.


// Nothing on that element now.

Interact with forms

It is easy to check or uncheck a checkbox:


Select a radio button:'input#sex[type="radio"]', 'male')

The second argument of radio method is the value of the radio button you want to select.

Choose one or more items of dropdown:'select#food', 'vegetables')  // For single choice'select#character', ['Rize', 'Syaro'])  // For multiple choices

Attaching a file to an <input type="file" /> is also easy.

rize.uploadFile('input[type="file"]', 'my-file.png')

Working with keyboard

Rize provides three methods (press, keyDown and keyUp) to let you work with keyboard.

Just press a key:'Enter')

Or dispatch a keydown event or keyup event as you need:


To check out all available keys, please visit

Working with mouse

You can use mouseMoveTo method to move mouse:

rize.mouseMoveTo(50, 45)

Or click a mouse button:

rize.mouseClick(1, 1)
rize.mouseClick(1, 1, { button: 'right' })
rize.mouseClick(1, 1, { clickCount: 2 })
rize.mouseClick(1, 1, { button: 'right', clickCount: 2 })

Even "down" a mouse button or "up" a mouse button:

rize.mouseDown()             // Keep down "left" button once.
rize.mouseDown('middle')     // Keep down "middle" button once.
rize.mouseDown('right')      // Keep down "right" button once.
rize.mouseDown('left', 2)    // Keep down "left" button twice.
rize.mouseDown('right', 2)   // Keep down "right" button twice.

The usage of mouseUp method is same as the mouseDown method.

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